Does Love Negate The Language Barrier?

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The Ultimate Guide to Dating Someone From Another Country

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We spoke to couples to find out what no one tells you about dating across language barriers, ethnicities and the UK’s north-south divide.

While inter-linguistic fluency is certainly not necessary for successful bilingual relationships to flourish, the act of learning a language for love is an investment — one that demonstrates a commitment and the desire to meet each other halfway. Based on recent research, it seems that language might not be as big of a barrier as cultural differences. Jane Elizabeth Dum, a professional counselor in Munich, recalls one couple who had no common language, but managed to speak with body language.

Kyle Killian, a researcher specializing in intercultural couples and families, notes that though existing research on bilingual relationships has a negative slant — i. It seems that the cross-cultural couples who do wind up struggling may do so for reasons that have very little to do with language on its own. So, will language keep you together for the long haul? There are ways to get close to a definitive answer, and you may just learn some interesting things about human relationships in the process.

Another man in a bilingual relationship admitted to being able to talk his way out of situations in previous monolingual relationships. And oddly enough, that has helped us both be much more honest when it comes to disagreements. One tell-tale sign that a couple is cut out for the long haul? This type of idiosyncratic communication deepens your bond with another, and it also establishes a shared identity.

As it turns out, this can actually be an important indicator of how long a couple will stay together.

Dating someone language barrier

A re you dating someone in a foreign language? It can be an amazing language and cultural exchange, but it can also be tricky. Lord of the Rings had just been released, and after we established I had never seen the film we arranged to meet and watch it together in Russian , and so a first date was born. Will Henderson dated Marianne from Montpellier for three years. Will and Marianne met at the student bar. They were together for four months before Will had to resort to charades.

If you have genuine connection and there is mutual attraction and we talking just dating – i’d give it a try, assuming at least one of you is willing to put an effort into.

While “meeting the parents” is always a nerve-wracking event, the pressure is compounded when there’s a language barrier. Not being able to properly communicate with your significant other’s parents not to mention, not being able to compliment their home can be frustrating—and I say that from experience. When en route to Colombia to meet my boyfriend’s parents for the first time, I remember nervously listening to the latest episode of News in Slow Spanish on the plane in a desperate attempt to refresh my high school Spanish one last time before shaking their hands.

Luckily, I could not have asked for a warmer welcome or a more patient audience as I stumbled through even my most well-rehearsed sentences. Of course, in hindsight, I wish I took learning Spanish much more seriously when I was younger, but over the past three years, I’ve found that there are ways to make communicating with a language barrier much easier, even when you’re not even close to being fluent. If you’re preparing to meet your S.

If your high school education was anything like mine, your language skills are limited to phrases that are great for asking for directions and ordering off a menu, but not very useful for making small talk beyond anything but the weather. As neurotic as this sounds, I found it really helpful to prepare answers to semi-expected questions like, What do you do? How many siblings do you have?

What It’s Like Dating Across The Language Barrier

What do you do next? These suggestions for what you could do to break that language barrier should help you succeed in your online relationships. Thank you internet!

An editor shares a personal experience and divulges tips for “meeting the parents” when there’s a language barrier.

Dating different Ask a Question Related Someone. If you have ever tried to communicate with someone who did not know your language, then you know the complications and difficulties that might arise. When becoming romantically involved with someone who speaks a foreign language, you might face the same issues. But, there are methods to overcoming these language-related challenges. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it across accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Together, they cited information from 14 references. Long Term Dating. Learn more. March 29, Learn more You both know that these things will happen, and you will have a better time across you how go with it and relax. There will how be things in date that you cannot control.

Can relationships survive language barriers? The Top 3 Hurdles

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Or, more precisely, what happens when two people speaking different languages communicate in a third language — English? Well, the relationship gets more interesting for sure, but it can also get more challenging. We talked to a bunch of people at the EF office who live in multilingual relationships and asked them how they made it work — these six tips are what they highlighted.

Yes, really. After all, misunderstandings can arise quickly see point 2 , and being able to discuss them openly is crucial. The language barrier can also mean that grievances are left undiscussed, since arguing in a foreign language can just be too tiring. And mix-ups can happen quickly — just think of words like embarazada in Spanish and embarrassed in English. These two words look and sound the same, and probably mean the same thing, right? And the mix-up is pretty common really!

The trick is to accept that misunderstandings will happen, and to be able to laugh about them. Despite the fact that you both speak the same language, you may have different communication styles, which may take some getting used to. In other places, communication is all about efficiency, and being honest is key. The key here is to remain open-minded and flexible! Accept the few stumbling blocks that might come your way.

Dating language barriers

This post may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here. I think we can all agree—relationships are complicated. There are a lot of possible points of contention that could either bring you closer together or drive you apart.

While dating in a foreign language will feel exciting in the initial phases of dating, as the relationship progresses the language barrier can add.

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